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Wordpress Calendar PluginsSometimes you wish you could close your eyes only to wake up and all of your social media activities, projects, schedules, and reservations to all those events you know you’re not going to make, magically organize itself right? There seems to be an overall frustration amongst many moms working from home and mompreneurs struggling to find a really great calendar wordpress plugins for all of our organizational needs. If you read HOW TO: Add a Public Google Calendar to Your Blog then you will absolutely love these calendar plugins that I was able to find.  These are also free calendar plugins and instead of just Adding a Public Google Calendar to Your Blog, now you can check out my Top 5 BEST Calendar WordPress Plugins for your Websites for FREE.

1.) Booking Calendar

This WordPress plugin adds an online booking service to your web site.  When web site visitors arrive, they can check availability of resources like hotel rooms, cars, equipment etc., and make reservations for one or more days and pay online. Here is a great example of the plugin in action at Charter Sports Fishing company. You can make reservations on there page… how cool!

Your clients, customers, and attendees can make an appointment, booking or register for participation in events from anywhere at any time. Booking Calendar plugin is extremely easy to use and very flexible.  There is PayPal integration and after the booking is complete, your website’s admin gets an email message notifying them that there is a “pending booking/reservation” awaiting their approval… SOLD!

booking calendar wordpress plugin

Wordpress plugin for booking events

2.) Calendar

A simple but effective Calendar plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your events and appointments and display them to the world. Some of its useful features include: monthly view of events, mouse-over details for each event, multiple events per day possible, sidebar function/Widget to show today’s events as well as upcoming events, today’s and upcoming events can be displayed in posts or pages.

Appointment Calendar WordPress Plugin

Optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year, your events can be placed into categories, events can be links pointing to a location of your choice, and its compatible with WordPress MU .

3.) The Events Calender

The Events Calendar plugin enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the post editor. Features include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined 1 click installation. Some of its useful features include: manage event details right from your post editor, upcoming Events Widget, provides full template out of the box (month and list view), extensive template tags for customization, Google Maps Integration, posts are automatically moved to the top of the loop on the day of the event, calendar Month view with tooltips, includes support for venue, cost, address, start and end time, Google maps link,support for international addresses, time and languages: ** Swedish ** French ** Italian.

Optional Ticketing With Eventbrite Integration – – though the Eventbrite for The Events Calendar plugin (

4. Events Manager

Events Manager is an effective event management plugin for WordPress. It supports recurring events, venues data, RSVP and maps. With Events Manager plugin, you can plan and publish your tour, or let people reserve spaces for your weekly meetings. Events Manager 2.0 is a full-featured event management solution for WordPress. Events Manager supports recurring events, venues data, RSVP and maps. With Events Manager you can plan and publish your tour, or let people reserve spaces for your weekly meetings. You can then add events list, calendars and description to your blog using a sidebar widget or shortcodes; if you’re web designer you can simply employ the template tags provided by Events Manager.

Events Manager WordPress Plugin

Events Manager integrates with Google Maps; thanks the geocoding, Events Manager can find the location of your events, and accordingly display a map. To enable Google Maps integration, you need a Google maps API key, which you can obtain freely at the Google Maps API Signup Page. Events Manager provides also a RSS feed, to keep your subscribers updated about the events you’re organizing. Events manager is fully customizable; you can customize the amount of data displayed and their format in events lists, pages and in the RSS feed. You can choose to show or hide the events page, and change its title. Events Manager is fully localized and already localized in Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish. Here is the link to download this plugin:

5.) Editorial Calendar

Did you remember to write a post for next Tuesday? What about the Tuesday after that? Having a site powered by WordPress doesn’t makes it easy to see when your posts are scheduled. The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and when each post will be published. You can drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog.  The editorial calendar plugin enables WordPress administrators and editors to manage the dates for multiple posts at once. Some of its useful features include: see all of your posts and when they’ll be posted, drag and drop to change your post dates, quickly post titles, contents, and times, publish posts or manage drafts, easily see the status of your posts, manage posts from multiple authors.

Blog Post Editorial WordPress Calendar Plugin

You can see all of your posts in a calendar view and can arrange them via an easy drag and drop interface. This wordpress calendar plugin would be of great use for magazine style blogs, real estate blogs, or any business blog owner that plan posts in advance or takes contributions from multiple user or employees. With this wordpress plugin, you can quickly drag and drop to change your post dates, edit and arrange post titles. Easily see the status of your posts. Send your questions, problems, ideas, or feedback and helped the developers improve this KICK BUTT wordpress calendar plugin at And that’s all folks… please let me know if these calendar plugins for your wordpress blog website helped you in your business by leaving me a comment below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what was a very difficult task to find.  Thanks to my new subscriber Susan for starting me on this journey towards providing “time management solutions and useful tips and tactics for effectively using social media in business.” Cheers to your Succe$$,

Update on The BEST Calendar Plugin on October 21, 2011

(the one that I am using right here on my website is called “All-In-One Calendar” Plugin and it is awesome. Here is the link where you can download this plugin:

The best part about this plugin is that you can 1.) You can add it to the homepage of your wordpress business website, and 2.) It can be set to default in either Agenda or Monthly View. For a free plugin, this is just what every Coach, Author, or Event Planner needs in order to appear as professional as possible.  I will be reviewing this product with a WordPress Video How To (coming soon…) ~ Rhea Brown, Your Internet Marketing GPS

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    Hi, Rhea:

    The Booking Pluign totally rocks. Thank you for writing this article and letting me know about the various calendar wordpress plugins, I happen to be looking for one and couldn’t find a good one.


  • Rhea Brown, Your Marketing GPS

    Hey there Missy,

    Thank you SO much for taking the time out to read this article. It truly was a labor of love after spending over 2 weeks testing out the best wordpress plugins for bookings and calendars for a client… AND also myself.

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    This totally rocks. I’m adding this editorial calendar today! Gracia my dear Rhea :-)

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    Wow, I can use the editorial plugin because I schedule most of my blog posts in advance. Also, I have a client that is paying for a scheduling calendar on their site right now. This plugin can do the same for free! So helpful – thanks!

  • Rhea Brown

    Anytime Denisse! sorry I took so long to respond but I've been working on a few things that needed to be done in my own business (u know how it is). But yes, please let me know how it works for you ok? Blog on Chica!

  • Bothell Blog

    How can you put the events on the front page? I have #4 installed and configured, just not sure how to import it to a simple calendar view for the front page.

  • Rhea Brown

    Hey there “Bothell”… its taken me some time to respond simply because I too have been playing with each one of these wordpress calendar plugins. Well, after much confusion, breaking my wordpress business website twice, and your issue about installing the calendar #4 on the homepage (located in the Appearance>Widgets section of your wordpress website), I have decided to invest in the “All-In-One Calendar” Plugin from wordpress.  

    TIP>> Check this article post again for the link in the Updated information towards the bottom of the page. Thanks!
    You can see from my website in the section that I use it and that I love it.  Thinking about adding it to the sidebar but we’ll see!

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    Hey Rhea! Thanks so much for this article. I have been on the fence as to which calendar I should be using for a client of my own. It’s great to see a fellow business woman out here on the net! I love it! Will be following your posts for sure. 

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    Hi there, Rhea.  Thanks for this… I’m currently working on a client’s site that wants me to add a booking calendar and I’m glad I ran across your site.  I know this is an old post, but can you direct me to a resource helping me get this set up on my client’s site… I am having a difficult time.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks again… feel free to send me an email at  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Thanks for the overview of each product. I am researching a plugin for a clients site now. I think I will go with one of these if it is still supported :-)

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    Great article Rhea! For those looking for online booking calendars, websites such as offer wordpress integration as well!